Last Line Defense, LLC provides the highest quality self defense training to high risk individuals in business, entertainment and politics, personnel in law enforcement and the military, and through its Invincible Girl and Invincible Woman training programs. We utilize the most scientifically proven methods in both our mental, physical (Combat Gracie Jiujitsu, Judo) and weapons training programs.


“By all means, employ every preventive measure at your disposal to decrease the likelihood of a physical attack. But be aware that despite the best measures, violence can still occur, and your preparation is incomplete if you don’t prepare for this potentiality. If it does, in that moment of a physical attack, there is no substitute for the development of proper reflexes. For these reflexes hold the line between life and death, that last line of defense that must not be breached, that final line that must not fail.”   
– Last Line Defense, LLC Founder and CEO Steven Abood

Where should you place your trust when it comes to the safety of yourself and your family?

In each of these incidents, despite having the highest level access to bodyguards, preventive measures, and technology, at the moment of attack, these celebrities and heads of state only had one person to rely upon:  themselves. Read More >>